Nganggur di uni malem2 ..

Well, let’s write something random now.

Now it’s 8pm, where I still need to wait an hour more until my friend finishes working at 9pm.Yep, sekarang aye “homeless”, coz dengan durasi stayku yang kaga bakal setaun lagi disini bikin no student accommodations allow me to have short-term tenancy. Jadi, sekarang ini aku tinggal di rumah seorang teman yang baik hti, yang saat ini sedang kerja from 7am to 9pm, in this fall time (means, siang mulai pendek, suhu mulai adem, langit mulai dully, and angin mulai berhembus2).

Tapi ya, yang namanya pertolongan Allah itu selalu datang dengan penuh barokah, hiks. With this kinda situation, I got further life lessons as now I’m being “homeless” – although it is not literally real homeless. Luckily, I have many friends who are always ready to lend their hands to support me without asking return :'(. That’s the amazing of life, really.. alhamdulillah…

The thing that makes me sad is just because I have no ability (for now) to reply their great kindness. Hopefully, someday I, or other people, will be able to reply their very kind assistance as nice as they have given to me.

Hope God always protects my lovely friends, along with their big family.

Also, please protect my big family back home.


(Sambil kelaperan, makan apel 5 biji, microwaved telo, sebungkus Jacob’s cheese biscuits, and now nungguin examination MBA students yang moga2 segera kelar di gedung sebelah, while hoping ada sisa2 sandwiches or another fruits yang bisa diemplok, hihiii #student’slife)


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