Trying to be a vegetarian: We are what we eat

Yes, it is not easy!

However, at least I had it perfectly for 2 weeks. I completely avoided meats, and also sugar, salt, oil, caffeine (coffee, English tea, and chocolate), chilli and pepper within these weeks. I ate white rice, rolled oats, fruits and boiled vegetables with garlic as my main daily foodstuff. I also had soy bean, peas, tofu, and plain organic yogurt for the protein; and I filled “my fat” by eating sunflower and sesame seeds, also avocado. To be fair, the result was incredibly amazing: I was feeling much healthier, happier, calmer, more agile and more focus to my work. My hair and skin also looked much brighter and more shiny!! My body weight was well maintained as well (I wasn’t getting skinnier though :p). In addition, now my tongue becomes very sensitive in tasting plain or raw foods. I can taste the sweetness of white rice, enjoy the bitter taste of grapefruit as a sweet treat, and plain boiled broccoli.

The main reason why I wanted to know the feeling of being a vegetarian is because I believe that we are what we eat. If we love fatty foods with highly processed oil, (in my personal view) our body will be full of fat that can reduce our agility as well as our immune system. If we love spicy things, such as chilli and pepper, we will tend to get angry easier. Sugar and salt also not good to “train” our natural immune system. Sugar can boost our energy in an instant, but it will lead you to a weaker stamina after a while. Salt, well, we have already naturally got that from seeds and nuts (I can taste it now!).

Then, do I give up of being a perfect vegetarian now? Well, I’m not giving up but I might not be a fully vegetarian in my life. My foodstuff on my fridge is still 80-90% vegetarian’s stuff; and the rest are canned tuna, and some frozen fish and chicken (that I bought several months ago :p). However, sometimes my social life makes me could not avoid meats, oil, sugar, salt, and pepper. I don’t want to make my friends feel “difficult” to get on or dine out with me :).

I think I would love to have a go with vegetables and fruits as my main food ingredients. Also, I will keep avoiding sugar, salt, oil, as much as possible – at least in my kitchen. I am planning just to keep sweet and lightly salty soy sauce in my cupboard as my food seasoning, and honey if I need energy booster in the morning. For tea, I would have green and camomile tea, but I still have lots stocks of English tea that I need to finish (I think..). I was addicted badly with English tea several months ago! I was struggle to control myself to avoid it and I did it :). I also have few black pepper that might be used for several meals since I don’t like throwing out foods and any edible stuff.

Also, I am suggesting you to avoid dining out, buying ready meals and packed snacks as much as possible — Once I had Pringles last week, my throat and stomach were bad because of the oil and salt contents. I have no idea whether it is good or bad news. What I want to have is just a better quality of life and self control; and the easiest way to start is from what we eat.

I hope this little story could enrich your perspective (please note, I’m not encouraging you here) of trying to be a vegetarian :).


5 thoughts on “Trying to be a vegetarian: We are what we eat

  1. Hai,
    Mudah-mudahan tebakan saya benar, apakah ini Bu Niniet dosen Teknik Industri ITS? Kalau benar, salam dari saya Bu Niniet. Ibu pernah mengajar saya dikelas Statistik S2 TI ITS kelas Internasional tahun 2012. Soalnya saya cari “about me” ga ada disini. Saya nyantol disini karena baca komentar Ibu ditulisan Echan yang IRT vs Ibu kerja 🙂

      1. Saya sudah 10 bulan ini tinggal di Den Haag, Bu. Begitu lulus sidang januari, langsung berangkat ke Den Haag, soalnya sudah LDM an sama suami hampir 6 bulan karena tesis molor haha. Terima kasih Bu Ninit. Senang ketemunya diblog 🙂

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