London and US Embassy!

Well, yes, London is always be my favourite place in the UK. I have been to several places in England (not much though, since I prefer to stay in my room and sleep, rather than travelling actually — I need “pressure” to “kick me out” to get a life out there!). However, I think London is the best destination in the UK (or, perhaps, in Europe! Well, I may exaggerate this view; if you think so, just completely ignore this).

London always makes me feel homy. It’s a extremely busy city, traffic in every road particularly in zone 1. It has an atmosphere of independent and individualistic life, dynamic, and highly competitive. I think I really love this kind of environment, although I also love my very very small town called Loughborough (my town is very quieett, particularly during Christmas, I could only hear my own step in the town centre!). I could not describe London for more because I just really loovee that city! (note: instead of the living cost there!! Oh no no…it’s crazily expensive there).

Now, I am going to talk about the US embassy. I was applying a US visa from London today and, you know, I was feeling like a contestant of X-Factor, or Britain Got Talent!! I stood up in a very loongg queue, and I think US embassy gets about a thousand applicants everyday (or nearly that number, I guess, based on the queue number appeared on the screen in the waiting room) ! Once I managed to pass some layers of security checks, I got a ticket with a queue number. The applicants actually started queuing at 6.45am, but I joined the queue since 9am instead of 7am. The interview didn’t take a long time, just about 5-10 minutes. However, it took me about 3.5 hours for this. Well, it’s worthy, at least I could see many interesting people with their own uniqueness while queueing :D.

Sorry if this post is a little random, but, yeah, I just would like share something to the blogger world today :).

Hope you enjoy this random post :).


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