Hi, Duck! It’s been long time!

Hi Dear, 

Hi Love,

Hi Darling,

Hi Duck,


Well, that’s the common greetings from British when you go shopping in a fresh market or in a low class supermarket. Hahaha.. yes, definitely it will be like that! And several Brits friends said that those greetings come from lower class people (perhaps, in my language, we called it as: “wong ndeso”). Well, any place in this world has social classification, and now, I think, we are able to recognize the social class of British in UK, based on several factors as follows.

1. The shopping places. For instance, Sainsbury’s, personally, cmiiw, has a bit higher market segmentation rather than Tesco, even though Tesco has the greatest retail market share in UK. It can be seen from the environment, the price, and the product variety in the store, then you can make correlation analysis with the shopper characteristics. Most of them in Sainsbury’s are British compared to Tesco. Other clearer example is the retail of Marks and Spencer. Although the retail size in my town is relatively small, not as big and complete as Sainsbury’s or Tesco, the customer looks more “well-dressed”. Or between Next and New Look or Primark (definitely! haha!), we know that Next is more expensive than New Look and (of course!) Primark (in Indonesia, it’s popular with the brand of Atmosphere). That’s why in boxing day, I prefer to shopping in Next since it will be more worthy, hahaa! what a truly shopper I am! What about TKMaxx or GAP? well, it’s so-so, since they offer a wide range of product variety :p. And, what about charity shop and fresh market?? hahaa… you can answer that by yourself! However, those are my fave places since I can get cheaper prices, hahaa! Social class doesn’t matter for me, since I’m student and just want to survive :p.

2. Their dress. Yes, definitely. The more proper the dress, the higher social class they are.

3. Their language. Umm..well..since my English is not good enough, honestly, I’m still difficult to detect social class from the language. However, I think, stressing words and the choice of words sometimes different between persons. For example, between “may” and “might”, “can” and “could”, “what I’m trying to say”, “is that make sense”, “you’re done?”, I think this can represent the social class, or maybe, the educational background. Umm..I’m not so sure though :p

Anyway, to be honest, this writing is just for fun! I’m writing this while waiting for my food :p.

Then, do not take it seriously! Because I’m just a new comer in UK as well and next week will be my fourth month! (and I’ve just remember my “reality”! target for research progress! oh Gosh! I haven’t started it yet!).

Okay then, That’s all. See you soon in other occassion (of blogging) :p


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