The first two weeks in Loughborough

Loughborough is a very very small town in England, UK. Yes, definitely, it is!

Loughborough, which is pronounced by Lufbra, has a great university that may be a very few Indonesian know it; it’s called as Loughborough University (LU). It doesn’t like Manchester University in UK, or Monash University in Australia, which spends lots money in advertising, LU has not really good advertisement. Therefore, only a few Asian student (except Chinese and Thailand, of course!) know this university.

Its facility is pretty amazing, not only in terms of academic access to international journal but also in terms of student activities and sports! For your information, most sports facilities in LU has the Olympic standards, so that this uni called as the best sport uni in UK even in Europe.

Haha..that’s the best point of Loughborough. Without LU, you know, Loughborough is nothing.

Anyway, at the first time I came to UK (my plane is touched down in Birmingham), I felt like : OMG, Osaka airport is much much better than this!  And I saw many Durex-vending machine anywhere in the airport (I see it in my university as well).

Then, once I arrived in Loughborough at the first time, my opinion is: oh great, Loughborough is much better place compared to Birmingham, but most buildings here look spooky! the old churches, the old houses, and this town is much quieter rather than my hometown!

I need two weeks to adapt to these new circumstances, Thank God, I have found many good friends here; they’re from Indonesia (too few Indonesian here!), Chinese, Greece, Turkish, Egypt, Somali, Nigeria,Thailand, Malaysia, they do support me to release my homesick. Moreover, I do my skype call with my parents regularly, and one of my sister accompanied me for two weeks to help me settle-in here. In addition, thank God, that my professor does support me in adjusting myself!

Oh yeah, one thing more, the town centre here is pretty lovely! There are TKMaxx, Marks & Spencer, Next, Dorothy Perkins, and many other, available! And the fresh market is also lovely! However, this town is very very small, you can go anywhere on foot (perhaps, it will take you min.10 km a day), even though, sometimes, I hope that a friend of mine can give a ride to the uni using his/her car, hahaa..

okay then, I must write a report to my professor now.

See ya!


2 thoughts on “The first two weeks in Loughborough

    1. ohh…kenal mass..beliau udah Viva sekarang ^^..
      iya..mahasiswa indo di loughborough dikit banget, ngga kaya di birmie, heheee.
      saya ada teman juga di birmie, namanya Rani (master, dari BI) sama mb Irni (PhD, dari IPB).. tapi saya sendiri ngga pernah ketemu mereka di UK :p

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