Figuring out someone’s story through internet

Nowadays, modern people are getting more individual. Most of them prefer to stay alone while enjoying their lovely music and do something online. It literally has both positive point (in terms of increasing working productivity and concentration) and negative side.

Most applications, social media, and chatting media developed online tend to make real interactions among human is getting lesser and lesser as time goes by. As a result, unfortunately, internet is often considered as human’s best friend. Let’s say, popular social media, such as facebook, twitter, and many others, can be a perfect medium to express people’s feeling, from happy to a deep sad, from sharing knowledge, art, and opinion, to showing off something narcissistic :). Well, internet enables human do everything they want without complaining.

Regarding the less restriction of expressing anything online, internet can be a great way to figure out not only someone’s characteristic but also his/her life story. I do not deny that (unfortunately) I do the same thing as well, share anything what I want to share, online, including my experiences (bad or good) in the past. Then, once I have more time, I trace back my posting in the past, and I can recall my emotion in the past, both good and bad. After that, I do selection to remove things that is unworthed to be posted online. 

Well, internet can be a good way to control ourselves through ourselves’ writing, yet it can be also an disadvantage for people who are interesting in our personal life. It is just a matter of how we control the emotion during sharing something, before you make it online.

On the other hand, internet can be a good friend for stalkers. Even though I do not suggest you to be a stalker, I just say that you can be a detective with an internet connection supported by an analytic thinking. However, if you want to get closer with someone’s, I strongly suggest you to not depend on online medium. Psychologically, face to face interaction has the strongest effect on the quality of relationship, then voice interaction, and the last, written interaction (particularly via chat or short message). 

To sum up, I hope we are able to manage ourselves in sharing anything online. Be wise, mature, and make sure that it will benefit readers, not only in terms of knowledge but also in terms of entertainment.

Lastly, have a nice day, and God bless you all :).


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