It should be a worship tonight

It is just a little note today, after having a virtual chit chat with my dearest friend in Thailand. I feel so grateful having friend like her. She treats me like her own little sister. She supports me once I was down, and supports me again when I don’t know what I should do. I ignored her suggestion once, 2 years ago, and her analysis was absolutely correct. I definitely regret my decision at that time, and I do not want to have the same thing anymore.

She always tries to help me, yet I can only send my best wishes for her :(.
Even though she is a buddhist and she is not an extremist, she teaches me how to be a strong and persistent woman yet keep contribute to social sincerely. Possibly, she is another “God’s hand” to assist and worth my life.

In addition, it should be a worship or prayer tonight. Even though I cannot stay in a mosque tonight (moslems called it as i’tikaf) like I did last year in Jakarta, I think I can do it in my home, pray for a better life and good after life, for me, my parents, my whole family, and my great friends as well.

This ramadhan provides me lots of experience. Let me kneel on You, my Lord.

Hope that we all can reach higher state of worship, day by day. InshaAllah.


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