Doing hobby is definitely a great way to be happy

Just wasting my little time and a bit unwinding my distress today :p, I would like to share something about how to be happy easily : just do your hobby!

I’ve just remembered that when I was a hi school student, a psychology test suggested me to be: a novel or short story writer, and a song composer! hahaa…there was no point about being lecturer! I don’t know why and how they made that kind of conclusion, haha..

Umm..lemme try analyzing..
When I was a hi school student, I did like music so much and I can play several simple classical songs (not really good, of course) with fingers in my both hands. I can do that even though I never have piano, and I never conducted a training for piano. I just saw a friend of mine played piano and I tried to immitate their style in moving their fingers. Yeah..but it’s only my past, I never improve that skill since I don’t have piano. Well, it seems that my skill has been deteriorated significantly.

On the other hand, I do really like writing, free style writing. I liked creating short story and comic when I was junior hi school until being a hi school student. I often posted them to local magazine in my school. However, as time goes by, I have lesser and lesser time to do that hobby. Unfortunately, my love to free style writing has no substantial impact on academic writing..haha. This is because the writing style is absolutely definitely extremely different :p.

Lastly, I like interacting with animals. Yeah, I love animals, but taking care of them needs particular time to have fun with them.

To sum up from this free topic of writing, doing your hobby (for example: updating your blog through your smartphone, that’s my new hobby lately :p) is definitely helpful in enjoying your life. Never ignore your hobby since it (in my humble opinion) is a kind of special gift from God, as well as natural talent :). In other words, we should maintain it to be a part of our positive spirit in life.

That’s all..and bubbye.. 🙂


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