The Relativity of a Problem :)

This writing is just a light reflection of life (as usual) while killing time in waiting my boarding time in the morning today :).

I write this because of several reasons. Firstly, I want to benefit others for people who read this post and need inspiration to cheer themself up. This is because this writing possibly will last longer than my life since we never know exactly when we’ll die. Secondly, I just want to remind myself through my own post. The reasons are very simple, aren’t they? So that, relativity here is definitely not as complicated as Relativity in Einstein’s theory :).

I’m gonna share things about others’ life, not only from my friends but also from my family.   

First, a friend of mine, has a Long Distance Relationship marriage. At the first, they feel so difficult in facing that situation. However, now they feel so bless in having that kind of relationship. They said that they can reach a much stronger commitment in maintaining their marriage with that hard kind of relationship. They also told me that, we can change our point of view of any condition as long as we have willingness to think positive together with our mate. I think this share is very inspiring for everyone who has a long distance marriage :). 

Second, I have a share from my aunty. She shared a lot about her past problems. She told me that every problem has a good point to attain as long as we keep our faith to Allah. Sometimes, it takes years to get the benefit of a problem. The harder problem will need a longer time to get the bigger benefit of the problem.. :(..

Third, it came from my dad. Life is relative distincted with people’s perception. Only God knows what’s the best ‘perception’.

Even though this writing isn’t complete (since I only use my mobile phone in creating this post), I hope it is enough to memorize and share several good things.
I’m sure as stars are shining (quoting an oldies song :p), we are always able to reach our dream in terms of realizing good things :).

Hope that God bless us, always :).


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