When past teaches us

Time to share something through this blog, even though I have no idea to give an appropriate title for this writing. Just let it flow from my mind, freely.

Sometimes, we need to be alone; I mean, to think about everything that we’ve passed in our past, both bad and good, more peaceably. Furthermore, contemplating about our friends’ experience can lead us to be a sincere and grateful person. Well, even though lots of due dates are waiting in the early next week (deep sigh!), I need a day just to refresh my body and soul. In other words, let me be my self in my own thought (it’s different from selfish definition). Moreover, the light rain which falls all day long today supports my concentration to do this :).

First of all, I would like to share my friends’ experience. I have 3 woman friends who have lost their babies in their past. Of course, I know their feeling (perhaps) well, more than since I am a woman. My first friend has already lost her baby twice in her uterus, and now she’s pregnant for her third baby. My second friend, she lost her baby a year ago when its age around 2-3 months, and now she’s still struggling to recover her psychology to have a baby again. Lastly, my third friend, lost her first baby in her uterus, and now she’s pregnant for her second baby. The best cause here is the stress mommies. For pregnant women, stress is a very very big enemy, and it needs an extremely high support from their family particularly from their husband. Most women are very weak during pregnancy since they have double responsibility for themselves and their babies. However, I have learnt a lot from my friends how to move on, how to response obstacles or even ordeal in a wise point of view, how to always think positive for every single unpleasant event in this life, etc. Thank God, I met them and had a good time to share problems each other. They have inspired me to keep ‘walking’ indirectly.

Next topic is, well, a bit difficult to say here. Occasionally, we need a very very strong will to built our confidence to get what we believe easily, even though several people around us think not really good toward our decision. As long as we do it by the name of Allah, everything will be good as well as our belief in earlier period. Peaceful soul is highly substantial to move on as well as strong commitment in doing everything. Thus, good results will come along with good faith, personality, and strong commitment.

Commitment is not only related to working environment, but also family, friendship, and our belief. 

I hope we are always consistent with our strong will and belief today. In addition, let the past, both from our experience and others, teaches us how to be a better person since life is never simple :).

God bless us.


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