Travelling to Japan and Living with a Japanese Family in a Week

Dear Diary,

It’s been four days ago my sister and me have come back from Japan. Thank God, we do really enjoy our one-week travelling in that country ^^. Moreover, we went there for free since my sister’s friend treated us during travelling ^^.

First of all, before I’m telling you my experience in Japan, I want to say that having a tourism visa to Japan isn’t difficult for Indonesian people. You only need to pay IDR 350,000 and prepare all of the needed documents (I’ll share it later), you will obtain the permit called visa in four working days :).

Ok then, I will share my experience in Japan. Yeah, Japan is definitely a very very clean country. Their system is very efficient, compact, and discipline. I may say that its circumstances seem like representing the concept of 5S in Toyota Lean Manufacturing: seiri, seiton, seiso, seiketsu, and shitsuke; which is translated in English as ‘sorting, set in order, systematic cleaning, standardizing, and sustaining’. In other words, all of things in Japan is extremely well organized, plus efficient. In addition, they reduce air pollution very well by encouraging japanese people prefer to use subway, bus, bicycle, and hybrid cars.

My first day in Japan was spent in Nara. My sister’s friends (called otosan and okasan, since they are like our second parents) took us from Kansai International Airport in Osaka to Nara. They parked the car in a place in Nara, then they guided us in enjoying Nara on foot! At the first time, we felt very surprise since Indonesian people are very rarely walking all day long! It is ‘taihen ne’ for the first day in Japan, hahaa..interesting though! 


After enjoying Nara in “hurry” walking (since Japanese people like walking very fast T.T), we moved to Kyoto to stay for a night in a hotel. I did enjoy my shower since I have no shower for 2 days during my trip from Indonesia to Japan -.-‘. 

Well, in the second day, we continued our trip to Kyoto. We visited Kyoto Tower, Kiyumizu temple, Kinkakuji Temple, and Gion district. After that, we checked out from the hotel and went to Mie ken, the home of otosan and okasan.


We saw a substantial distinct situation between Kyoto and Mie. Kyoto is a modern city with a bit traditional atmosphere since It has lots of temples. Whereas, Mie is a small town which is like a bit silent village but still very well organized. Here they are the situation in Mie! 🙂

The house of otosan and okasan, with 3 cars.


 The harajuku salesclerks and my sist in a clothing store in Mie, 


A family gathering in Mie :p.


My sister with several children in the house of otosan and okasan :p.

Imageme in my ‘tatami’ room in Mie :p


and me when tidied up my futon (the traditional japanese bed) :p.


Oh well, I think that’s all. Actually, I have lots things to share but it needs more time to write.

Ok then, see you :).


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