Responding Problems Wisely is The Greatest Experience

Dear Bloggers,

This post is only a light text which is created before I sleep :). In addition, I just want to test the mobile application of WordPress in my gadget :).

First of all, I want to share nothing here since nothing is the best way to be a sincere person.

The truly key of success are getting wise while obtaining more knowledge and experience. It is surely not easy since money and power are more attractive and measurable by human being’s measurement.

Problems are the great chances to get an or several unvalueable experience, as long as we tackle it nicely and greatly with maturity. What is maturity? I define it as an ability to convert experience in facing problems from distress or stress to better quality of our personality. Changing our current character is the most challenging part, and of course, it is full of pain.

Occassionally, the term of “Be Yourself” does not appropriate for every case. Sometimes, we do really need change ourself and let the bad characteristics are far behind us.

okay then, I think it’s enough.

Nity, sleep tight, and bye.. πŸ™‚


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