How to Manage your Idea?

The title of this post, actually, is my problem. It will be more immense and getting complicated if we cannot manage it completely and accurately.

Well, let us started with my problem. At the moment, I have lots of ideas in my brain. As a lecturer, these can be my competitive advantage as well as my historical performance on my academic achievements. Unfortunately, I cannot lead the ideas to the right way; I just let them come up freely anytime and anywhere without a systematic approach and good organization in keeping them in the right place. As the time goes by, I realize that I should do any detail things in order to manage them much better. I often ignored the important details and paid too much attention in unimportant things. Any kind of management, occasionally, is only a matter of discipline and spare your time for a moment to rearrange and rewrite something. Moreover, a good management, in my opinion, involves a high concentration and maturity in tackling whatsoever problems occured from something that we manage.

Then, how to manage our idea well? I have several simple suggestions for you.

1. Allocate your time to write down all of your ideas everyday.

2. Review them periodically, for instance, once a week. While reviewing, improve your idea by rewriting them into a good structure of writing.

3. Read related literatures everyday, and take a note for each literature.

4. Find some friends to discuss your ideas. It will be more useful if you can discuss with colleagues from the same department and different departments. You can enrich your point of view. That is why, for students’ research, having 2 supervisors is better rather than 1 supervisor. Your ideas will be more objective and well supported with more arguments from discussion results.

5. Organise all of the information related to your particular ideas periodically.

6. Be patient and passion in your idea.

That is all I can suggest you, and of course, while suggesting myself :).

Now, it is tiime to work with our brain. Good luck!



2 thoughts on “How to Manage your Idea?

  1. Hey..that’s what I do to map the contents of my head! If you realize what you must do, then the next thing (which is very important) is to just go and DO IT! đŸ˜›

  2. hahaaa…I do not stole your idea, of course! I just try to encourage myself by writing this post. I hope this post can be our “suplement” to boost our creativity :p. Now, let us write..!! but I need a lunch -.-‘

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