Is Life Easy? What is the real pressing problems in this life?

This is my random post, I suppose. Although I have no better idea to update my blog, I just try to share my opinion with (random..? :p) readers who read this at the moment, I guess :p.

Ramadhan is getting closer. I hope we, as moslems, can benefit that moment well and wisely since God, Allah, always gives us much better life day by day. We still alive and have many opportunities to develop our current situation (let’s say, career, family, friends, health and fitness level, etc), although we often complaining about the less fortune.

Occasionally, problems come up from our perception. If there is a gap between expectation or target and real conditions, we will feel lack of fortune. Expectation usually arises from environment or cultural perception, or may come from individual way of thinking. A simple thing will be a pressing problem if many people around you believe that you have to overcome that urgently. One indication of a serious problem is it has complexity effects when you resolve that problem, or in other words, it has a trade-off that needs to be considered.

On the other hands, we have to realize that everyone is experiencing difficulties, so that you are not the only one who feel “bad-luck” for any cases.The most fundamental issue is how to cope with the problem easily and quickly. In my opinion, the keys are only: never say give up, think possitively, and remember Allah. Confiding to Allah is one best approachment to release our tension and distress. Pray is a simple way to get rid of our muddle in our head. If we are more relax in posing problems, I believe we will see light at the end of the tunnel soon. It means, the tide will turns for us; better days are ahead. We don’t have to be an excellent or outstanding person who is really on the ball, or out of this world; since nobody is perfect. Don’t be a person who want jam on it, never.

To sum up, Is Life Easy? To be honest, I cannot answer it. I just want to be a better person, with an improved skill to tackle any kind of obstacles in my life. Being a mature person is only about choices; we can have wiser thinking or not, it depends on our choice. Just be a grateful and sincere person, while always pursuing your targets in this life or may be in after life. Finally, let us approaching ramadhan with a better preparation. God bless you, guys ;).



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