Working women : what are you thinking about them?

Nowadays, many women prefer to work outside rather than stay at home and doing houseworks. Many people argue that the phenomenon has more negative impacts on children not only in their intelligence but also social interaction, yet others believe that working mothers will have better ways in educating their children. This writing try to illustrate clearly both side of those opinions.

The most common reason why working women have a disrespectful opinion is their time which is getting limited in taking care of their children. Since they spend at least 8 hours per day in offices or places outside their home, they cannot control the children during their working time. If a woman prefer to pursue their career and get more extra money, they will have less time to treat the children and even ignore their psychological needs in having their parents as a good model to be learnt. Therefore, the children will get closer to their friends supposed that more care to them.

On the other hand, according to many research which have been conducted lately, working mothers have better ways in coping with their family problems including children problem. Working mothers are firmly believe that their knowledge and experience outside home environment are important assets to educate children better. For example, working mothers can teach them how to manage time and financial profiently by providing them the real example everyday, and also how to think critically in solving many practical problems based on their working experience. If the adult can teach them using their wise experience, the children will more likely imitating their parents easily.

In conclusion, having a job outside home for a woman is not a terrible threat for children as long as they can manage the time wisely. Working hours should be ideal and well-managed so they still have sufficient time to interact and get closer with their children.


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