Analysis of Reuse Strategy for Toner Cartridge to Global Warming Using System Dynamic Approach

Toner cartridge is a product that is made of materials which potentially contribute to global warming. Therefore, it needs a strategy to minimize the effect of its production. Reuse strategy is one of the strategies that can be used to achieve green and sustainable manufacturing. In the reuse strategy, a toner cartridge that has reached its End-of-Life (EOL) will be collected by producers or third parties to be reused. The effectiveness of the reuse system is affected by interactions among stakeholders, including manufacturers, retailers, end customers, and also the government as a regulator. This research utilized system dynamic approach to model and to simulate the system’s behavior based on an extensive observation on the interactions among the system’s interdependent factors. Then, the model is used for analyzing several long term sustainability parameters.

This research had been published on National Proceeding : Seminar Nasional Teknologi Industri XV.

Researched by :
Maria Anityasari, Niniet Indah Arvitrida, Prisca Octavia Indrawati.
Department of Industrial Engineering
Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology

If you have any further questions, please contact us 🙂
Maria (
Niniet (


2 thoughts on “Analysis of Reuse Strategy for Toner Cartridge to Global Warming Using System Dynamic Approach

  1. Interesting, now I’m doing a research on the toner cartridge remanufacturing factory in Thailand, can you give more information?

    1. Hello Charoen. Thank you for reading and comment :).
      Until today, we only have the full paper in Indonesian version, We will translate and published it in English version soon. If you need more information about this reseach, maybe you can discuss here, or privately by email. 🙂

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